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Advertising thought up by kids to get adults thinking

Advertising thought up by kids to get adults thinking

Need a fresh approach to your charity’s ? Italian agency Leo Burnett has worked with Italy to come up with novel ideas to highlight the threat of extinction faced by pandas.

Instead of relying on the agency’s creative staff to come up with the new approach, the agency decided to seek the input of a group of schoolchildren.

In the Pets4Pets project, they were invited to use their imagination to come up with ideas and imagery that could support WWF Italy’s campaign. In particular they were encouraged to draw their ideas.

The best ideas were then worked on, with continuing input from their child creators, and turned into TV, radio and print adverts. Throughout the process, however, the agency staff tried simply to advise the children, and ‘translate’ their ideas, rather than “contaminate” them.

The project yielded two TV commercials, four radio announcements and eight print campaigns.

The children took part in the audio recording and TV commercial filming. In the process, the children got to experience the whole creative process from beginning to end, and it looks like it has inspired some of them to work in the creative industries.



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