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Fundraisers move to deny salary ‘top up’ allegations

Howard Lake | 26 November 2013 | News

The fundraising arms of some of Ireland’s major hospitals and health organisations have denied that their fundraising income is being used to top up the salaries of senior executives.
The denials follow newspaper revelations which showed that hospital and health providers had breached national pay guidelines by adding top up payments to basic salaries.
The fundraising departments attached to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin and the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin issued statements following the controversy saying no money raised by the public was used to pay executive salaries.

“Absolutely none of the funding we raise from the generosity of donors goes on hospital salaries or top-ups at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin,”

said Joe Quinsey, chief executive of the hospital’s foundation.
A statement from Friends of the Rotunda, an independent charity with its own board of directors, said none of the money it raises was used for any salary or allowance payments to hospital management or staff.
Top up payments have generally been in the range of €20-€40,000 and hospitals have claimed that they are being funded from ‘private funds’ or from income from hospital shops.
At the time of year when most charities run fundraising campaigns, one major charity has taken out radio advertisements to state that money raised was not used for top ups while others have issued press statements and given interviews with the same message.
Photo: money top up by rvlsoft on Shutterstock.com


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