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JustTextGiving attracts over 100,000 users

Howard Lake | 20 September 2013 | News

JustTextGiving by Vodafone, the text donation service launched by Vodafone and JustGiving two years ago, now has over 100,000 users. Together they have used the service to raise over £10 million.

Over 18,000 charities have also used JustTextGiving, with more benefiting from some of those 100,000 users who have chosen to use the service on their behalf.

The service has picked up several awards, including the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award, and the Best Use of Technology Award in the Charity Times Awards 2012.


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JustGiving Managing Director Anne-Marie Huby commented: "JustTextGiving has really taken off among fundraisers and charities – people are using text codes to encourage giving in really creative ways. It’s supremely easy to do, so it encourages spontaneous acts of generosity. It also really complements JustGiving’s online platform – donors can now truly give wherever and whenever they want – by text, through a smartphone or tablet, or on their desktop."

Vodafone reports that "over 40 per cent of donations [have been] increased by the inclusion of Gift Aid".  This is "the highest percentage we’ve heard of for any text donation platform, anywhere in the world".