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FirstDirect to match fund donations to ChildLine to £50,000

Howard Lake | 27 February 2013 | News

First Direct, the division of HSBC Bank plc, has launched 'the first conversation appeal' to help fund ChildLine's Schools Service. It is inviting customers, staff and the public to donate £2 online, pledging that it "will match any one-off or regular donations you set up".

It will donate up to £50,000 during the campaign which runs from 15 February to 31 December 2013. It will also match regular donations set up during this campaign for 12 months from when they were begun.

First Direct raised £485,000 for ChildLine, its charity partner, in 2012. That means it has now raised a total of £4.7 million since the partnership began in 2009.


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The bank aims to raise £250,000 this yar for the first conversation appeal. Staff are planning fundraising events throughout the year.

First Directo appeal for ChildLine

As well as asking for donations, the bank is also encouraging the public to volunteer their time as as a Schools Service volunteer with ChildLine.