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Government to match fund ActionAid's emergencies campaign 'Ready for Anything'

The UK government’s Aid Match scheme will match fund public donations to ActionAid’s ‘Ready for Anything’ campaign which starts next week.

The campaign, which has a target of £1.1 million, is designed to help the world’s poorest people everywhere from Afghanistan to Burma to prepare for the next big natural disaster. It runs from 4 February to 3 May 2013.

Global Emergencies Week 

As part of the appeal, the charity is holding its first annual Global Emergencies Week from 18 to 24 February, with people across the UK staging fundraising events.


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Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, said: “Reducing the impact of natural disasters saves money, lives and livelihoods, and helps poor rural communities develop longer term ways of earning a living from the land they depend on. Through DFID match funding, UK taxpayers will help double the impact of ActionAid’s Ready for Anything campaign so that vulnerable people have a better chance of surviving the next natural disaster they face.”

Call My Wine Bluff

The appeal is being supported by Laithwaite’s Wines, who have been working with ActionAid for a number of years. The company will promote Ready for Anything to its customers across the UK.

The charity’s annual gala event, Call My Wine Bluff, will take place during the campaign in London. The event features a celebrity panel in a wine-themed take on the classic TV game show. All donations made at the event itself will be doubled by the UK government. Call My Wine Bluff has raised more than £625,000 so far to support children and communities who face poverty and injustice. 

The Ready for Anything campaign will be communicated via direct mail, HTML email and media advertising.