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Irish willing to give more to charity

Research that will inform a future national giving campaign in Ireland has found that, despite the recession, Irish people will consider giving more money and time to charity.

The research was carried out by Pathfinder Research on behalf of the Forum on Philanthropy and Fundraising, a body supported by the government that aims to increase charitable giving in Ireland in the years ahead.

Chairman of the Forum Frank Flannery said at the launch of the Forum on Philanthropy last year that they want to increase philanthropic giving in Ireland from around €500m per annum to €800m by 2016.


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According to the publication ‘Business and Leadership,’ the research highlights the scope substantially to increase investment in the Irish not-for-profit sector by creating a favourable environment for individual and corporate giving in the country. The research found that causes where there is a tangible vision and outcome to rally around were most popular.

Flannery added: "There is an opportunity to create a sea change amongst individuals, corporate entities and the wider general public's attitudes towards philanthropy and giving. As a nation, the scope exists to give in a smarter way. In addition, significant barriers can be overcome to enable us to create a philanthropic culture in this country."