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Church raises funds with the sound of silence

Church raises funds with the sound of silence

An East Sussex church is raising funds by selling CDs of the sound of recorded within the building.

The CD is being sold to raise funds for St Peter’s Church, East Blatchington. It features an introduction from the Reverend Canon Dr Andrew Mayes and then 28 minutes of silence. In practice, the soundtrack does include background noises in the 12th century church, including footstep, distant traffic and voices, but overall it still provides a sense of calm and quiet.

In fact, the church’s main aim with the CD is to raise the profile of the church, rather than specifically to raise funds. CDs are being offered in return for a donation.

The first run of CDs has sold out and more have been ordered.

Other fundraising silences

The idea is not new. John Cage recorded silence in his work 4’33”, and there are other silent musical compositions.

Fundraisers have also used the notion of silence creatively.

• According to BBC News, another church in Lewes has sold a CD of its silence.

• Many individuals have taken part in sponsored silences.

• Silent auctions are a popular fundraising event.

• The Royal British Legion achieved a top 20 position for its two minutes silence single in 2010.

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