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FSI's small charities car draw to run for longer in 2012

FSI's small charities car draw to run for longer in 2012

The annual Car Draw run by the FSI to benefit small charities will this year be extended to allow charities to use it to fundraise through the Christmas period and raise even more.

The Car Draw was set up by the FSI to enable small charities to offer a raffle prize they could never hope to offer on their own. By providing a new car as a prize, handling the gambling license, and letting hundreds of small charities offer it to their supporters in a raffle, the FSI has helped 817 small charities raise over £219,000 since the draw started in 2012.

Normally the Draw runs until October. This year, based on feedback from small charities that have taken part, the Draw will run through the Christmas period, giving charities the opportunity to sell tickets at any Christmas events they have planned, or to tie in to any Christmas fundraising appeal they might be running.

The FSI handles all the administration of the costs, so takes a small percentage of the funds raised.

Because of the later deadline, the Car Draw will not be launched in April as usual but during Small Charity Week in June.

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