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Domino’s Pizza customers make one million micro-donations

Domino’s Pizza customers make one million micro-donations
Domino's pizza million pennies
Domino's pizza million pennies

Customers at Domino’s Pizza have raised £230,000 through one million microdonations in the 14 months since the spare change scheme from Pennies began in stores in November 2010.

Domino’s Pizza was the first retailer to adopt the micro-donation scheme and partner with its creator The Pennies Foundation. Donations from their customers benefit several UK charities. Special Olympics Great Britain, receives 75% of the money raised in Great Britain, while the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice receives 75% of the money raised in Northern Ireland. The remaining 25% is shared amongst other UK charities, including Shelter, Together for Short Lives and NSPCC. Special Olympics Great Britain has so far received £175,000 from the scheme.

The most common amount donated is 1p

Shoppers can use the Pennies system to round up their payment to the nearest pound when they pay by debit card, credit card or electronically. The most common amount donated is 1p.

Lance Batchelor, CEO of Domino’s Pizza said: “We are delighted that the Pennies scheme has been so well received by our customers. It is fantastic news to hear that we have received one million donations and that so many charities will benefit from our customers’ generosity. In these times of economic hardship it is heart-warming to know that people are still happy to share what they have. We are very proud and grateful to our customers.”

Overall Pennies has raised almost £400,000 for 27 different charities since November 2010.


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