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Social commerce campaign for cinema tickets to benefit charities

Howard Lake | 23 May 2011 | News

A campaign to promote a new film is aiming to capitalise on social commerce to help raise funds for a range of charities. Individuals are invited to encourage their friends, family and other contacts to book tickets to see ‘Life In a Day’, with 25% of each ticket sale being donated to the ‘Movie Mogul’s’ chosen charity.
The film is an edited collection of video contributions from people around the world, all uploaded to YouTube on 24 July 2010. It is “a documentary film about a single day on Earth”.
The ‘Movie Mogul’ campaign is a partnership of Youtube, Scott Free and Vue Cinemas. Working in collaboration with easyfundraising.org.uk, those taking part will be able to create an “online ticket booth” at the fundraising site, which they can then promote via email, social media channels and personal contact.
The campaign website will shortly feature a range of tools and tips to help people maximise the number of tickets sold and the amount raised for their charity.