Who will win the Award for Narcissism in Philanthropy?

Howard Lake | 13 April 2011 | Blogs

This award is only open to entries from the USA, which is just as well as there could be quite a few nominations from the UK. I can even think of a few people who might even be proud to win it…
The Just Award for Narcissism in Philanthropy is “awarded to a foundation, corporation, trust, or donor for displaying amazing narcissism during 2010 in the practice of philanthropy”. It is accompanied by the Abominable Media Coverage of the Nonprofit Sector, which is “awarded to a newspaper, magazine, website, radio program or other media reporting on U.S. nonprofit organizations and/or the U.S. nonprofit sector, for abominable press cover in 2010”.
Founded by Jan Masaoka of Blue Avocado and social entrepreneur Michael Gilbert (of The Gilbert Center & Nonprofit Online News), the Just Awards aim to “highlight the irrational, the irresponsible, and the irrelevant organizational behaviors that most damage the work of the nonprofit sector”.
Last year the Just Award for Narcissism in Philanthropy went to the Rockefeller Foundation for “its relentless and obnoxious promotion of its President, Judith Rodin”. The award for Most Abominable Coverage of the Nonprofit Sector was won by the New York Times for its article on new nonprofits.
“The Justies” are designed to poke fun at the nonprofit sector, but also to educate “to improve practices and ultimately, the effectiveness of authentic community nonprofits”.