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A new focus for UK Fundraising's Facebook page

Howard Lake | 12 April 2011 | Blogs

What is the purpose of UK Fundraising’s page on Facebook? To date, frankly, we’ve used it in lots of different ways, sharing content from UK Fundraising, content from elsewhere, asked (and answered) questions, welcomed content from other contributors, advertised our services and training courses, and posted content or links that just didn’t fit elsewhere on our site.
But is that enough? It’s enough for over 1,000 followers, it would seem. But I don’t think it is enough, or at least the function and value of the page isn’t clear enough.
So, I’m going to try and give the page a particular focus. I think it could work well as a means of supporting the development of UK Fundraising, the website, by requesting and inviting content, contributors and comment to appear on UK Fundraising.
So, I’m planning to use the page to:
* source new bloggers
* invite content, comment or examples to inform a news item or blog post
* develop a network of ‘citizen journalists’ who cover launches, events or news conferences that we can’t
* announce review copies of books etc that we receive
We might also include the occasional announcement of new advertisers who appear on the site, or who renew an advert or supplier directory listing. Advertising is of course one of the main sources of income for the site.
Given that the page isn’t just about what we want to say, I won’t be surprised if it continues with some of its original content and functions, as followers use it for their various reasons.
But now you know how we plan to use it and why we think it is worth ‘liking’. What to you think of this attempt to give our page a clearer focus?