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BBC Children in Need to use Postcode Anywhere to speed up donations

Howard Lake | 17 November 2010 | News

N.20 postcode on a London street sign
Image: Ewan M on Flickr.com

BBC Children in Need will this week speed up the time taken to process donations by using rapid address look-up software from Postcode Anywhere.
The software, which is to be supplied free of charge, enables donors to auto-complete an entire postal address from just the postcode. This “cuts data entry time by at least 50%”, say Postcode Anywhere, and should allow the charity to handle a higher volume of transactions on the night.
Postcode Anywhere‘s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “Rapid addressing tools which meet this need have been around for a long time, but Postcode Anywhere was the first to use internet technologies to lower the cost of the underlying data, whether the software is used in a desktop application, call centre, or on a website”.
Charities already using Postcode Anywhere include Oxfam, UNICEF, Girlguiding UK, the British Heart Foundation and Comic Relief.
Ewan-M on flickr.com