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Vodafone gives 500 more people chance to work for local charities

The Vodafone Foundation is offering 500 people in the UK the chance to work for a charity of their choice for two months and get paid for it. The Vodafone World of Difference programme is open to anyone over 18 in the UK “who has the enthusiasm, drive and commitment to donate themselves to a charity”.
Placements run for two months and the Vodafone Foundation will pay each selected applicant’s chosen charity a total of £2,500 with winners getting the balance when all tax and National Insurance has been paid. Charities will also receive £250 towards expenses associated with the winner.
This year’s campaign was launched today by TV presenter and self-confidence champion Gok Wan. “I’m all about confidence and feeling good about yourself”, he said. “That’s why this programme fits so well with my personal ethos. Nothing makes you feel better than getting involved in your community”.
To apply, people should first get in touch with their chosen charity to find out what they can do, and then apply online.
Applicants who want to take part but don’t have a particular charity to support can search for charities looking for World of Difference placements in their local area using the charity matchmaker tool on the site.
Charities interested in placing World of Difference applicants can find out how to get listed there too.
Entries close on 23 November 2010 and placements start in March 2011.
The Vodafone Foundation has invested over £150 million in projects since its creation in 2002, concentrating on disaster relief and preparedness, the World of Difference programme, through projects which use mobile technology for the benefit of all and specific projects across Vodafone’s 27 local Foundations worldwide.