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Evening Standard to raise £1m in anti-poverty campaign

Howard Lake | 20 July 2010 | News

The London Evening Standard is this week launching a campaign to raise £1 million to fight poverty and disadvantage in London. The Coalition Government will be matching what Standard readers donate through its Grassroots Grants programme to create a permanent fund to help London’s most vulnerable people.
The fundraising initiative follows a campaign four months ago in which the newspaper highlighted the poverty that exists in the capital “right before our eyes”. Prince William described the campaign as “a call to arms”. The Evening Standard Fund for The Dispossessed will “help Londoners out of poverty with life-changing support and advice”.
The newspaper has announced the campaign with a full front page feature, calling on “every Londoner to join our fundraising campaign
to fight the injustice that blights our city”.
The secure online donation service for the campaign is being handled by the Community Foundation Network.
The Evening Standard is inviting London not-for-profit voluntary and community groups that are working to tackle the causes of poverty to apply for grants of between £250 and £5000. Grants awarded must be used by 31 January 2011.
Information about how to apply for larger grants from the endowed fund will be available from the Evening Standard from October 2010.