The new JustGiving Facebook app

Howard Lake | 27 May 2010 | Blogs

The new JustGiving Facebook app

This week the team of JustGiving has announced the launch of new Facebook app. We have tested it and shared our initial thoughts, but I would love to hear what others think about it.

Just looking at the new functions of this app one realizes potential in it:

  • Create a version of your JustGiving page on Facebook
  • Both you and your friends can add comments and photos to this version of your page
  • Add a light version of your JustGiving page as a tab on your profile
  • Add a JustGiving badge to your profile
  • Share your page by posting it to your profile and therefore your friends’ News Feed
  • Send your page to your friends as a private message
  • Anyone can follow your page, they don’t have to be a Facebook friend

There is also one major benefit of this app: it is designed for one of the most popular social networks where human connections highly contribute to the ripple effect of our messages, including direct call for action.
Are you using it? Let me know what you think!