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How harmless are idioms in our communications?

The team at BNET UK posted one of my favourite articles of 2010 so far, on this subject.  We all hear (and dare I say use) clichés and idioms every now and then and I’m sure most of us dismiss them as just that.  But how often do we think about the ramifications of some of these glib approaches in a real world context like work or volunteering?

The BNET team’s top 10 were:


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

There is apparently more to a throw-away comment than perhaps we first thought.  Now for a moment, think about this in the context of trying to persuade a supporter to give to charity or a volunteer to campaign on your behalf.  Suddenly, there are some valuable lessons to be learned (and OK you may know them already) but…

Kevin is the founder of Bottom Line Ideas