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Sue Ryder Care launch viral ride for Ryder game

Sue Ryder Care launch viral ride for Ryder game
Ride for Ryder

has launched a viral game to accompany its annual Ride for Ryder fundraising campaign. The online arcade game is designed to encourage people to fundraise in aid of , donate money, build a supporter database and raise awareness of the charity’s health and social care work.

Ride for Ryder invites people to support and raise funds for Sue Ryder Care, a leading provider of end of life and long-term neurological care, using the theme of riding or travelling as a basis. Ideas include learning a new skill such as riding a horse, or cycling to work and donating the saved petrol money.

Designed by marketing agency, TAMBA, the viral game to promote Ride for Ryder asks players to choose from a variety of modes of transport before completing a short course, collecting coins as they go. The various modes of transport – including a hot air balloon and a camel – have different handling and performance, with each having their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Upon completing the course, players are told how many coins they have accrued and can donate that amount to Sue Ryder Care, should they wish.

Ruth Peters, Head of at Sue Ryder Care said: “We are just so pleased with the game and can’t wait to watch its success. We have already seen an impressive 172,200 number of people play the game in its first week of going live, with 87,000 click-throughs to the donation page.”

Sue Ryder Care is one of the largest providers of specialist palliative and neurological care in the UK providing more than 4 million hours of care per year to people living with cancer, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, strokes and brain injury.

TAMBA CEO, Kay Hammond, said: “We are delighted to have produced this game for such a fantastic cause. As well as promoting the Ride for Ryder event, we’re also confident of generating a lot of micro-donations from the game which we hope will make a big difference to the total raised.”

To play the game visit

For more information on Sue Ryder Care visit


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