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Car Donation Scheme Launched in the UK


Today, is being launched. The website is a voluntary, not-for profit venture that encourages car owners to donate their unwanted vehicles to charity. The aim of the project is to raise as much money as possible for registered charities.

The service offered by Giveacar is simple. They will pick up any car, roadworthy or not, and either sell or scrap it, donating all the proceeds of the cars sale price to charity. The service is offered free of charge and free of hassle.


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The scheme is the brainchild of Tom Chance, a twenty two year old university graduate and former part-time used car trader. He believes that car donation schemes require greater visibility in the UK.

Said Mr Chance: “Every year in the USA, hundreds of thousands of cars are given away. In the UK, hardly anyone has heard of car donation. I want to change this, and develop the concept so that it becomes commonplace. There are too many unused or underused cars on the road. We aim to put the value of these cars to good use.”

Giveacar, at present, works in conjunction with four charities, all of whom have voiced their support for the concept and granted the site permission to accept donations on their behalf. Anyone who donates a car can chose to support any of these charities, or, if they have a specific cause in mind, can donate to any other registered charity.

Chance believes that the diversity of causes supported will boost his sites popularity. He stated: “If you have a favoured charity and a car that is not being used, we can make arrangements to donate the cars sale price to any registered charity. Though we have favoured charities, we do not want to close the door to other causes as we recognise that every registered charity has something to offer. What we are attempting to develop is a concept, one that offers charities a new, untapped source of revenue.”

The service has been launched within London; however, arrangements can be made to pick up cars elsewhere in the UK.

A more detailed explanation of Giveacar’s service can be found at

Contact details
For further inquiries, please contact Tom Chance on 07734778350, or 02088745437. He can be emailed at su*****@gi******.uk.