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Refugee Action hosts Charioke Marathon in association with Lucky Voice

Refugee Action hosts Charioke Marathon in association with Lucky Voice

Refugee Action, in association with Lucky Voice, is planning to give the traditional charity marathon something of a Twist (& Shout).

Lucky Voice is hosting the Charioke Marathon on 2nd November at Lucky Voice Islington in London and 9th November at Lucky Voice Brighton. Several charities and their fundraisers will be present to indulge in the ultimate test of endurance – ten straight hours of karaoke in Lucky Voice’s beautiful private karaoke booths.

The event is being co-ordinated by Refugee Action, but will also feature representatives from Asthma UK, Youth Music, The Serenity Foundation, Terence Higgins Trust, Food Chain, Just for Kids Law, Children of the Andes, Brighton Pride, Sparks, Hue Help and The Rigul Trust.

More information is available at our blog post:

And here, co-ordinator Esme Peach of Refugee Action outlines how she came up with the idea:

There’s also a page where singers/sponsors can encourage each other and share tips on the best combination of honey & lemon to gargle beforehand:

Participants will also be able to practise at home beforehand thanks to Lucky Voice’s online karaoke service Lucky Voice Home:

Singers are being encouraged to offer sponsors special incentives, such as offering to place video of performances on for maximum humiliation – once a pre-set amount of money is donated.

Lucky Voice also offers “Worthy Worker Mondays” – on any Monday, charity workers, nurses, doctors, social workers, firefighters police and prison officers can sing for two hours for free.

Esme is looking for singers to fill the last few slots in Islington and there are more spots available at the Brighton event. She can be contacted for comment and latest information at

For comment/information from Lucky Voice, contact Stuart Waterman at

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