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Following the International Fundraising Congress

Whether you are present at the 29th International Fundraising Congress in Holland this year or not, you can keep up with a wide variety of comment, information, reports and chat using Twitter.

While there were just two of us using Twitter last year to share what we were hearing, there are dozens of delegates doing so this year.

Here are some ways you can keep up to date:


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* the front page of UK Fundraising is showing a live feed of tweets mentioning the #29thIFC hashtag throughout the week of the Congress

* you can follow the Twitter search on that hashtag at


Note it doesn’t automatically refresh but it will tell you towards the top when there are new results to show.

* if you use the free Tweetdeck application to access Twitter, available from


then you can create a new search column on the term #29thifc. It will create an automatically updated list of all the latest tweets.

* at Whatthehashtag.com you can follow the latest tweets but also view a dashboard of other information, like the most profilic user of the hashtag (the prize goes at the moment to @KimbeleyCanada), the number of occurrences per day, number of tweets per day etc:


* you can find a list of those tweeting from or about the Congress at


I created this last week, adding people who had mentioned the event via Twitter.

Note how you can start following them in almost one click.

This list has, incidentally, generated 149 new followers for the 38 people now listed on it in the past five or six days.

There are plenty of other ways of following conversations on Twitter. I might add a few later, but the above should keep you going.

And for those who start to overdose on the content coming out of the IFC, I share the above also with a view to encouraging you to think how you or your supporters can use these tools to share and promote your organisation’s events.