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Visiting libraries in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Howard Lake | 28 September 2009 | Blogs

I heard on the radio this morning that more than 4,000 libraries in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will allow people to borrow items from a public library regardless of where they live, under a new scheme from the Society of Chief Librarians (www.goscl.com). It should now be easier to borrow books (and hopefully use other resources) when visiting libraries where you are not a member.

Unfortunately, Scotland is not included in the scheme as its libraries are represented by a separate body, the Scottish Library and Information Council. However, it would appear that some libraries are considering joining the initiative.

For details of Public Libraries on the Web go to http://digbig.com/5bahyy


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

There are some useful things on the Society of Chief Librarians website. For example, the ePower initiative from Gateshead Council and Gateshead Voluntary Organisations Council (GVOC) offers local community groups an opportunity to create and develop their own website. However, the coverage of the regions is very patchy.

If like me you like a good library, you will hopefully find it easier to access resources, wherever you are.

Finbar Cullen