New Zealand Charity Commission

Howard Lake | 11 May 2009 | Blogs

I note from the latest newsletter from the New Zealand Charity Commission that there are now (as at 4 May 2009) 21,060 registered charities in New Zealand. This figure includes 2,247 charities that operate overseas. They are not all grant-makers, but 284 operate in Europe. If you search by area of operation (Europe), and Activities (makes grants to organisations), you get 126 results. I am not convinced that they really are likely to support your organisation’s work in the UK, but you never know. However, perhaps, these charities should be something that we bear in mind when looking for support for overseas projects.

The New Zealand Charities Commission is re-organising and updating its website. There are no charity accounts available on the website yet, but it is a start


Finbar Cullen