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Free trial for the DASH database (of companies, directors and shareholders)

Howard Lake | 28 April 2009 | Blogs

I hear that Matt Ide (THINK Resource Manager) has been involved in discussions with Bureau van Dijk over the past few months to try to make their DASH database (of companies, directors and shareholders) more accessible to a larger number of charitable organisations.
Bureau van Dijk have agreed to consider various possible options including joint subscriptions and possible restricted download, but they need to collect a small amount of data to be able to make this assessment. Bureau van Dijk have produced a simple and short questionnaire (5 questions) which does not ask for any internal information or contact details (other than email) to help them establish whether there is sufficient demand for this. The data won’t be stored and no one will be contacted, it’s purely for the purpose of assessment.
If you don’t currently subscribe to DASH but you’d like to, it would be helpful to complete the online questionnaire (see link below). In return for 30 seconds of your time, Bureau van Dijk will give all respondents two week’s free access to DASH starting on May 11th. This is only available to those fully completing the survey.
The more people who respond, the more chance of making DASH more affordable for everyone.

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