Thanks Simon Collings – you found Resource Alliance’s voice

Howard Lake | 9 April 2009 | Blogs

Although this may be a little late, I’d just like to put in my tribute to Simon Collings, who left the Resource Alliance last month after six years as chief executive.
I’ve been going to the International Fundraising Congress in Holland – or ‘Amsterdam’ as people used to refer to it, though it’s actually the opposite direction from Schipol Airport to Amsterdam – since 1999. I’ve been actively involved as the UK country rep since 2004 and last year I became the UK ambassador for IFC.

Simon Collings

Thank you Simon

So I’ve been able to see at close hand exactly what Simon has contributed to the Resource Alliance and the IFC.
When Simon took over, the Resource Alliance was viewed by many fundraisers as the organisation that staged the IFC once a year. Most of them didn’t even know about the International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation – the IFC’s equivalent in the Global South.
However, Simon turned the Resource Alliance into the organisation it had always wanted to be – a global player in the field of civil society capacity building and not just a conference organiser.
The RA now has some real clout and a voice that demands to be heard and for that we must thank Simon.

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