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Chugging along – or recovering income?

Chugging along – or recovering income?
Each One Counts

£114 million being missed by charities

The attention given recently to ‘chugging’ as a result of the recent Intelligent Giving report, begs the question: “Should charities be investigating richer fundraising opportunities or continuing along the same old road?” Does today’s economic climate require a fundamental fundraising re-think?

Face-to-face ‘chugging’ is now be an integral and accepted part of fundraising, and no one can sniff at the £50 million the practice raises for UK charities. Co-incidentally, Charity Christmas cards are reported to be worth another £50 million, and nobody would suggest they do not have a valid part to play in fundraising either.

However, recent research by the Each One Counts campaign shows that UK charities potentially could raise more than the combined income from chuggers and Christmas cards simply through improved recycling. Furthermore, the research shows a strong connection in the public’s mind between the environment and charities, something not all charities currently demonstrate in practice.

Each One Counts has identified an opportunity to collect an extra 27 million recyclable cartridges and 29 million unused mobile phones a year in the UK. The leading charity recycler also estimates that as much as £16 million in Gift Aid could be added, making the total available to charities more like £130 million.

Amy Horn, manager of the Each One Counts recycling campaign, said: “Recycling offers a realistic additional income stream to fundraisers. Many charities still don’t give recycling the attention it deserves as part of their fundraising. Our research proves there is a simply massive potential. Some medium-sized charities raise in excess of £100,000 annually just by recycling inkjet cartridges and mobile phones – and even that level offers growth opportunity! Even the smallest charities can raise funds in this environmentally sound way, and it costs nothing. Supporters can also feel good about making an extra donation in these difficult times that costs them nothing at all! And they feel even better because they are recycling too!”

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