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Four Codes of Fundraising Practice updated

The Institute of Fundraising’s Legal Review Committee has updated four Codes of Fundraising Practice to ensure they continue to meet current legislation.
As a result revised Codes on Data Protection, Management of Static Collection Boxes, Raffles and Lotteries and Telephone Fundraising have been issued.
The Raffles and Lotteries Code of Fundraising Practice has seen the most revision to reflect the introduction of the Gambling Act 2005. The Code highlights changes such as the removal of a maximum ticket price for lotteries, and also takes into account changes to the licensing of lotteries.
In addition the Code now notes that licenses for society lotteries can now be obtained from a charity’s local authority or Gambling Commission, and that there are also licences for external lottery managers and remote-lotteries.
The Institute has established 29 Codes of Fundraising Practice, representing the best practice standards set for fundraisers in the UK. Each Code covers a separate fundraising technique and provides not only information on relevant areas of the law but also the best practice that the fundraising sector has set itself to ensure the highest standards.