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(some) UK Corporate Foundations

Howard Lake | 11 December 2008 | Blogs

There is a list of corporate foundations doing the rounds. It is a marvellous resource, and is something that I tried to obtain after it was used in a presentation by The SMART Company at a Researchers in Fundraising conference in autumn 2006. I was unable to obtain a copy of the list. However, Dilys Dandolas at Samaritans obtained the list, and has arranged for it to be circulated. Well done Dilys!
The list is on the (marvellous!) THINK Resource website www.thinkresource.org, but it has been listed as “a spreadsheet of all 126 corporate foundations in the UK”. Don’t you believe it! When they presented the report, The SMART Company made it clear that the report was based on information that they received from companies that had corporate foundations registered with the Charity Commission (i.e. of England & Wales). The research is over two years old, and didn’t involve research using the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (www.oscr.org.uk). A register is not yet available for Northern Ireland, but it is in the pipeline.
Use this list as a starting point for your research into corporate foundations, and dig further. After a couple of hours, I found a possible 100 more that had not been included on the list. Goodness only knows how many there really are out there.

Finbar Cullen


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