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Is it time for fundraisers to take Twitter more seriously?

Howard Lake | 5 December 2008 | Blogs

I must admit that when I first trialled the microblogging service Twitter a couple of years back, it was at a time when new Web 2.0 things were appearing so fast that unless an initial bit of play revealed an application for them beyond technical interest or geeky chic then I let them pass – and so it was for me with Twitter.
However, over the last year I’ve seen more and more examples of Twitter being used by nonprofits – and I even got twittered myself (not sure that’s the correct term) when speaking at the IFC over in Holland earlier this year. So I was wondering, perhaps it is time for those fundraisers who have to-date left the tweets to the early adopters with time on their hands to take twitter seriously as a potential addition to their digital toolkit?
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