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Dollar-millionaires in India

Howard Lake | 20 November 2008 | Blogs

I see from the latest (free) edition of Wealth Bulletin (www.wealth-bulletin.com) that Barclays Wealth recently predicted the number of dollar-millionaires in India to grow from the current mere 100,000 to over 400,000 by 2017. Wow. It reminds me of a presentation I attended a few years ago, including input from Help the Aged UK on “Diaspora Fundraising”. That’s some fundraising market. How many grant-making trusts are there, and do any of the people on our rich lists, etc., (that would be some rich list!) already have their own grant-making trusts? An internet search reveals information on a few, but a register would be handy.
The Charity Commission “portal for national and international best practice” (www.NGOregnet.org) still doesn’t include any information on NGO laws and regulation for India, but hopefully they’ll get including some more up to date information soon.
In 2004, A Review of Charities Administration in India, undertaken by the Sampradaan Indian Centre for Philanthropy recommended that there be a public register of charities, with a portal similar to that operated by GuideStar, to make information available to members of the public. I note that GuideStar International has an initiative in India, (www.guidestarinternational.org/india) operated jointly by GuideStar International and Murray Culshaw Consulting (MCC), a private consulting group based in Bangalore. The MCC website (www.fundraising-india.org) includes database of 9,000 voluntary organisations in India. Mind you, I couldn’t search it today. I shall check it out again later.

Finbar Cullen


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