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The latest issue of Information World Review

Howard Lake | 11 October 2008 | Blogs

The latest (October 2008) issue of Information World Review (free – see www.iwr.co.uk) has a number of interesting articles.
The Right Tool for your research offers some useful alternatives to Google, for some specific searches e. g. news and business, with a section on search engine comparison services.
There is an article on how information professionals might demonstrate the value of their service to their employer.
In these unsettled (and unsettling) times, the article on more up-to-date financial information on companies is timely, and the article on credo reference (free via local libraries) makes me wonder if I should spend more time exploring the new search functionality of that resource. I have always preferred KnowUK (also free via local libraries).
And of course, there is another reminder of the Online Information event in London in December.
If you don’t already get this publication, it might be worth your while taking a look at it
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