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Facebook Causes offers short URLs for easier marketing

Howard Lake | 18 September 2008 | Blogs

Joe Downie, Website Manager at WaterAid yesterday told members of the charitywebforum that users of the Facebook Causes application can now register a shortcut URL for their cause.
This only applies to US and Canadian causes – the long-awaited launch of a UK version of the Causes app is still not imminent it seems.
But there are quite a few UK charities whose international or US sister organisations are using Causes. So Wateraid has registered
as its shortcut URL which redirects to the charity’s Facebook cause page..
Clearly these shortcuts are much more useful for marketing purposes than the long alphanumeric URLs that were in use until now.
Incidentally, WaterAid’s causes page is visible publicly. You do not need to be logged in, or a Facebook member, to see it.
To register and set up a shortcut, visit the Edit Cause page for your organisation, and then the Settings tab at the
The format of the URL is