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Philanthropy is changing, are you?

Howard Lake | 10 September 2008 | Blogs

Philanthropy is changing and we as fundraisers need to change with it. That’s the message in a recent article from Susan Raymond entitled The Coming Paradigm Shift in Philanthropy.
Raymond identifies six trends shaping the future:
1) Philanthropists are increasingly solution focused
2) Loyalty is shifting from organisations to causes
3) The new resourcing models are about sustainability and include loans and equity-type instruments
4) Its about collaboration to achieve scale
5) Donors are bringing their own ideas, and non-financial assets, to the party
6) Donors want to be able to exit when the job is done and move on.
If she’s right the new style philanthropy will pose significant challenges to us and our organisations. As fundraisers we will need to champion new ways of working within our organisations to create greater flexibility, greater engagement with donors and encourage an increased focus on results.
Exciting times.