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Blue Cross launches social network for pet lovers

Howard Lake | 2 September 2008 | News

Pet Charity The Blue Cross has created a new social network for pet lovers. ‘All About Pets’
is designed to “give pet lovers a new way to communicate and share experiences or advice about their pets”.
The site was built by digital agency DVA and is designed to appeal to pet lovers around the world.
Built by digital agency DVA, the site has attracted over 450,000 unique visits from 142 countries since its beta launch in March this year, with more than 6,800 people registering.
Part of the promotion campaign for All About is an online viral campaign which allows users to send personalised talking pets to their friends. Launched at the end of July, the viral has been viewed over 100,000 times.
Laura Dobson, spokesperson for All About Pets said: “As one of the UK’s oldest animal charities, The Blue Cross has a wealth of experience in pet care. But we also recognise that there are many pet owners out there with their own unique experiences to share. All About Pets is a fun, informative and entertaining website where pet lovers can go to meet like-minded people and celebrate the joys of pet ownership. In time, we hope it will become the place to go to talk and learn about pets.”
Although there are plenty of other websites and social networks catering for animal and pet lovers, The Blue Cross believes that its site has an advantage. With 110 years of experience with animals and pets the charity is using the site to offer an authorative and reliable information resource on pet care advice. More than 80 leaflets on all aspects of animal care are available to view, print or download free from the site.
All the services on All About Pets are available at no charge. Members can create profiles for themselves and their pets, upload photos or links to videos and showcase their pet’s talents. They can also view other people’s pets, photos and videos and even rate them. Members can take part in discussion forums and polls on topical subjects, promote their own events or find out what is happening in their area, and get the latest pet news.