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Paths to Health

Howard Lake | 14 August 2008 | News

The Paths to Health project is offering grants to fund new and innovative ways of promoting walking for health in Scotland. The fund is operated by Paths for All, a network of 20 organisations ranging from the British Horse Society Scotland to Scottish Natural Heritage and the Cyclists’ Touring Club. Both Small (under £2000) and Large (over £2000) Grants are available for projects in community settings throughout Scotland.
Applications are welcome from any organisation, group or partnership that can demonstrate that it is working in the interests of the wider public. This can include local authorities and health services as well as voluntary and community organisations.
Projects can be supported for up to three years, and however long the time span of the grant activities should be sustainable.
In most cases partnership funding is required, and the more money being asked for the higher should be the match funding element of the total project cost. The only exception is grants for less than £2000 when match funding is less important. Grants are rarely given for more than £40,000.
In addition to the level of match funding you can provide, applications will be assessed to the extent that health gains will be achieved. Priority will be given to projects that work with inactive people and which encourage them into moderate activity. Community involvement is an important criterion as is the number of partners involved within the community and the levels of disadvantage within the communities in which you are working.
How to apply.
Information and application forms are available at
You should discuss your application with one of the local Development Officers first, and these can be located via a search engine at
You could also call the Paths for All partnership office in Alloa on 01259 218888 or Inverness on 01463 725152.
Closing date: Applications for Large Grants should be in by 1 October 2008. It will take 5 weeks to make a decision. Further closing dates will be 5 January, 6 April, 1 June and 5 October 2009. Applications for Small Grants are accepted at any time.

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