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Diary of a Newcomer pt1

Diary of a Newcomer pt1

I guess from the professional fundraiser’s perspective I am new to the charity sector (I have been with telephone fundraisers Premier Contact for only 5 or 6 weeks!), and will doubtless be seen as such from others who have been in the sector for a lot longer.

Yet, over the past 20 years I have been involved one way or another with many charities. It all began with fundraising for various local charities with Halstead Round Table back in 1988, then a period as Chairman of a small local charity running events for those with learning disabilities, recently on the committee of group set up to try and save a local building, Chairman of Halstead Chamber of Commerce for several years raising funds for charities such as Essex Air Ambulance, through to being a trustee for an organisation involved in work in the Gambia. Pretty diverse really.

Through that time I recall having been dressed as Father many times. Memorably sitting atop a plywood chimney mounted on a rickety trailer being towed around the streets of Halstead, loudspeakers blaring out carols, by the driver of a Land Rover who was totally oblivious to how high I was sitting and how low the branches at the roadside were!!
I leave you to picture that one!
Where was the H&S risk assessment?

To the embarrassment of my children I have been dressed as a Womble collecting for Children in Need, and have walked the streets of Halstead dressed as Pudsey Bear. I even had a photo of me as Pudsey and my two daughters published in the Halstead Gazette – though they never admitted to their friends it was their father inside the outfit!! Great supporters!

So, whilst I am ‘new’ I nevertheless have some sound knowledge and experience of what goes on at grass roots level, and how important it all is at the delivery end.

Throughout my postings I hope to bring a fresh perspective to what is happening in the sector and perhaps even raise a few eyebrows!

……to make a difference!

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