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Leonardo preparatory visits

Howard Lake | 31 July 2008 | News

Grants of up to €1000 are available to enable organisations to prepare the ground for making bids for Leonardo funding.
Leonardo is a European scheme and offers grants to organisations of all sizes that are involved in the design or delivery of training that enables people to get back into work. Projects have to have a European dimension, and to enable smaller organisations, and those new to European funding, in particular to take part, funding is available for preparatory visits to meet potential working partners and construct successful funding bids to Leonardo’s main programmes.
Application is open to local authorities, colleges, schools, voluntary organisations and any other body involved in the design or delivery of training for work. The preparatory visit funding can help you construct bids to one of Leonardo’s three main schemes: Mobility funding for work placements, and Small or Large-scale projects to share working practice and ideas involving trainees and trainers.
Full details of Leonardo and the Preparatory Funding grants can be found on the website at
or by calling the UK information helpline (run by ECOTEC) on 0845 199 2929.
Closing date: Preparatory visit applications have to be in at least six weeks in advance of the proposed visit date. No further applications will be accepted for 2008 after 17 December 2008.

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