– and give satisfaction to your donors?

Howard Lake | 24 July 2008 | Blogs is a website that offers an instant and free customer service tool. Numerous companies are using it to enable their users and customers to share complaints, suggestions, and queries about their product or service.
You can use it to “create a transparent, free-flowing dialogue between you and your customers”. As such you can “make it your entry point into the conversation and transform your customer service from a cost center into an engine for building culture and creating evangelists”.
I can find only a tiny number of charities/nonprofits on it, yet it strikes me as a potentially very useful tool for those of them that are keen to be transparent.
Downsides are – you need to staff the site and, heavens, accept that people will submit negative feedback in public. Similarly, your charity won’t control the data of people using the site. If you can live with those issues then this strikes me as a very vibrant way of learning from and helping your donors.
Don’t get distracted by the number of tech companies and products that are using the site. I look forward to seeing some charities trying this out.
If you do use it, let me know how you get on.