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Fancy a Ferrari? Havens Hospice raises funds very fast…

Howard Lake | 22 July 2008 | Blogs

It seems there are more boy (and girl) racers out there than you can shake a gear stick at, and they will pay good money to test out a Ferrari. Havens Hospice has had the bright idea of teaming up with the Ferrari owners club, and other very fast car Associations, to raise over £20,000 in a day guaranteed to give the car insurers sweaty palms. Next year they plan to raise funds even faster and move the whole thing onto a race track!
The credit crunch snapping at the heels of the Ferrari owning classes could also mean a timely offer could secure the whole vehicle.
Cobwebbed from a speculative peer into Schloss Baguley’s once cavenous garage I can report that Ferrari ownship brings more than one problem…