Bags of common sense

Howard Lake | 18 July 2008 | Blogs

I was very pleased to see that the delegates’ bags at this year’s Institute of Fundraising National Convention were made of paper.

It has irked me for years when attending fundraising conferences and training sessions how often one is handed a shoulder bag or briefcase made out of some kind of plastic or leather. I don’t need another bag thank you, and certainly not one made from those products!

Paper bags for delegates at National Convention 2008 Of course the conference bag is a sponsorship and advertising opportunity so costs can be covered by a commercial organisation rather than the conference organiser. But still, you have always been able to print your logo on paper.


The Institute has got there in stages. Last year was a jute bag which, according to Third Sector, the Institute’s CEO Lindsay Boswell re-used subsequently in his garden.

But sturdy paper bags are the best option in my view, so well done to the Institute for making this move.

Now, any ideas what to do with all those plastic and leather bags that I’ve spotted in my 20 years of going to fundraising conferences and training sessions? Any organisers offering to offset their carbon footprint or environmental impact?