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Showing what your money does – the Water Buffalo movie

Howard Lake | 16 July 2008 | Blogs

Giving timely and accurate feedback to donors should be a fundamental element of all fundraising. Steve Andrews at Whitewater argues in Online video and today’s fundraiser that online video is a powerful tool in this regard.
“What better way to achieve this than through video? I know of at least three non-profits that are training frontline staff in the use of video – precisely for this reason. They want to inspire their donors with what their donations have achieved. And to build their trust,” he wrote.
He adds: “Video online will have many uses for the non-profit fundraiser. None excite me more than being able to give powerful, believable feedback to donors. To give them the evidence they crave.”
He cites 4 Generations: The Buffalo Movie as “an extraordinary example of how video evidence can connect donors with beneficiaries – and yet, as far as I’ve seen, to be done better”.
It’s easy to criticise the initiative as an example of untargeted aid being parachuted in, but as an example of showing how a donation was converted into practical assistance, it is very good.
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