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Charity shop windows – missed opportunity?

Howard Lake | 15 July 2008 | Blogs

Charity shop windows offer a great opportunity to promote the charity even when the shop is closed. And, given the difficulty of recruiting and retaining shop volunteers, charity shops are never going to be open seven days a week, into the evening, to accommodate all shoppers.
Yet how effective are those shop windows on the UK’s high streets? Most or all of those charities have websites that *are* open 24-hours a day, with details of many ways of supporting the charity, and in some cases buying charity products online.
So, why is it still so difficult to spot a charity web address in a charity shop window? It’s 2008 and many of these charities have been fundraising online for over 10 years. Why are charity shops, the public face of charities to so many people, missing out on this low-cost method of promoting their online presence?


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