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New technology could potentially reduce costs of call centre services

Howard Lake | 11 July 2008 | News

A new helpline solution launched by new technology company Home Call Centre could potentially save charities thousands of pounds.
The new system offers a unique, flexible, lowest-cost solution for charities that operate helpline or call centre services, using home-sourcing. This means employees, volunteers or call centre agents can work from home, removing all the fixed costs associated with traditional call centre operations.
Charities still have complete control over all call centre activities through the simple administration system which can be managed from anywhere. The system works off home broadband and any PC. HCC installs a ‘magic box’ in each operator’s home, trains the person online and provides all training and ongoing account management and technical support. This includes setting up a charity’s own ‘wallboard’ to monitor inbound agents and campaigns, and create activity reports.
Working from home means the technology is carbon neutral.
Founder and managing director of Home Call Centre Bob Travers said: “Home-sourcing is already very successful in the commercial sector and we wanted to offer our technology to charities because we know it will create unique employment opportunities and drastically reduce operating costs while still safeguarding existing jobs.”
Charities of all sizes can benefit from this new technology because it dramatically reduces the existing costs of support services such as helplines and inbound call campaigns and provides an ideal ‘disaster recovery’ option.