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Howard Lake | 25 June 2008 | Blogs

j4b (www.j4bcommunity.co.uk) produces a handy newsletter with information about various sources of funding, mostly for businesses. However, the latest newsletter from j4b has an interesting article about a fairly new grant-making trust. The Charity Commission lists The MSE Charity (www.msecharity.com) as awarding grants to individuals, but it also awards grants to organisations. It “aims to fight financial and consumer illiteracy and is dedicated to educating and informing adults and children about consumer and debt issues”.
The Fund received a donation of over £200,000 from MoneySavingExpert.com when it was launched, and hopefully it will receive at least £100,000 each year from MoneySavingExpert.
Grants of up to £5,000 are available – see the website for details.
The website has been donating money to charities for some time. In September 2006 the following five charities were selected for support (by website users), and each has so far received c £20,000.
• Re-cycle – fighting poverty with affordable transport
• Cancer Research – working to beat cancer
• Tools for Self Reliance – providing tools for developing world
• Different Strokes – helping young stroke survivors
• Usable Websites – helping charities get on the web
A number of one off donations are also listed on the website.