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NCVO creates Funding Commission

Howard Lake | 13 June 2008 | News

NCVO, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, is to establish a new Funding Commission that will look at financial provision for civil society after 2010.
With a secretariat hosted by NCVO, the Commission will appoint a Chair by the end of this year.
Starting work in 2009, the Commission will then gather evidence drawn from civil society organistaion on the state of funding in the sector. It will then respond to the sector’s present concerns and uncertainty about funding over the next ten years and “take responsibility for setting a new funding agenda”.
The Commission follows NCVO’s findings, published in its 2008 Civil Society Almanac, published in February 2008, that 10% of larger charities with incomes over £10 million frequently experience sharp trends in income. The uncertainty of income streams can of course make financial planning problematic.
Stuart Etherington, CEO of NCVO said the Commission’s job “will be to come up with practical and public policy proposals that ensure secure funding for the voluntary sector, for the longer term.”