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NCH challenged over rebranding

Howard Lake | 13 June 2008 | News

NCH is being challenged over its decision to rebrand as Action for Children.
National disability charity Action For Kids, which is also based in North London, is opposing NCH’s intention to change its name because of the potential confusion between the two charities.
From 1994 to 2000 NCH was known as NCH Action for Children, but dropped the last three words to become known as NCH. Action For Kids has been in existence since 1992.
It says it knew of confusion between 1994 and 2000 and had challenged the ‘Action for Children’ part of NCH’s identity. A spokeswoman said that the charity knew of at least one instances where a cheque for a legacy had been sent by a solicitor to the wrong charity and that they wanted to make sure this could not happen again.
According to chief executive Mike Hayes Action for Kids: “We are currently working with our solicitors on how best to prevent this name change and will be communicating our views to the Charity Commission. IN addition, we will be workign with our PR consultants to demonstrate the negative impact their new name could have on our essential work.”
NCH has released a statement which says it has had a long association with the name ‘Action for Children’. The statement says: “We have researched this work extensively and as part of our preparation have written to Action For Kids about our name change. We are confident of being able to reassure them that our distinct brand and clear identity at the time of our formal launch will not impact on their position.
“We know of no evidence to suggest the decision to stop using the ‘Action for Children’ name in the year 2000 had anything to do with perceived confusions with other charities.”