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Think Money employees crowned “Charity Champions”

Howard Lake | 12 June 2008 | Newswire

Jubilee Action recognises Think Money’s support and enthusiasm with its Charity Champion Award of 2007
Jubilee Action, a Guildford-based charity dedicated to rescuing children at risk and combating poverty, have awarded its annual Charity Champion award to the employees of Manchester-based Think Money Group. Think Money has been supporting Jubilee Action with employee fundraising and payroll giving for over 2 years and through their relationship with Jubilee, have the opportunity to visit the children and projects they support in Rwanda twice a year.
“Think Money has not only supported our projects financially,” says Caroline Saunders, Jubilee Action, “but have personally embraced the children in Rwanda with enthusiasm, compassion and commitment, making this an easy decision for us. Our Charity Champion award is our way of saying “thank you” to recognise all the energy, time and money the team at Think Money continue to put into our relationship.”
Think Money believes that organisations should make a difference to those less fortunate than others and shows social responsibility both locally and internationally, supporting Jubilee Action and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Think Money gives its employees the opportunity to support Jubilee Action via payroll giving and holds fun staff fundraising events throughout the year and with 600 staff, its great for employee moral.
Payroll giving is a governmentally approved and supported form of donating. Immediate tax relief and a commitment from the Government to match donations made for the first 6 months make payroll giving a great scheme for socially involved employee. Jubilee Action acknowledges the tremendous support from the employees at Think Money with this award.
“We were thrilled to be recognized for our endeavors over the past two and a half years in supporting Jubilee Action. As a company that strives to make a difference in the lives of our customers, it is very rewarding to hear the success stories and the positive changes we are making to the lives of the children and young people of Rwanda and we are looking forward to supporting Jubilee Action further in the challenges that lie ahead”, says Philip Robinson, Think Money.
If you would like to learn more about getting your company or office involved contact Caroline at Jubilee Action on 01483 230250 ca******@ju***********.uk or for payroll giving, have a look at the HM Revenue and Customs website.
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About Jubilee Action:
Jubilee Action is a Christian based international human rights charity, dedicated to protecting children at risk and combating poverty. Our vision is to be instrumental in changing the lives of those who suffer unjustly. Our mission is to pioneer work with indigenous partners providing crucial care and shelter for children and families as well as investment for job creation within poor communities. Jubilee Action currently works in around 18 countries worldwide.
Jubilee Action Contact:
Caroline Saunders, Tel: 01483 230250, Email: Ca******@ju***********.uk
Press Contact:
Uli Schiwon, Chazbrooks Communications, Tel: +44 (0)1483 537 890 Email: ul**@ch***.com



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