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Who has got all the money then?

Howard Lake | 3 June 2008 | Blogs

Who has got all the money then?
I am particularly looking forward to the next Researchers in Fundraising (RiF) conference (at The Resource Centre in London). The title of the event is “Estimating Wealth”, and there are a lot of interesting looking speakers lined up for the day.
It may be unfair of me, I know, but I am particularly looking forward to what Kevin Cahill, author of “Who Owns Britain?” will be saying about his new research on “Who Owns Devon”, “Who Owns Cornwall” and “Who Owns Ireland”. I shall be looking for tips on how we can use his methods to try to uncover information on what landowners own what where. Not all landowners are cash poor, and many of them are very well connected. I have found “Who Owns Britain?” (and Andy Wightman’s “Who Owns Scotland?”) very helpful with research in the past, and am looking forward to getting into regional research, and looking at Ireland in more detail.
Chris Murphy will be addressing us again on reading company accounts, and Helen Brown will be talking about estimating wealth for US based prospects.
Sophie Hackford, New Philanthropy Capital, and Paul Turner, Fundraising and Communications Director at International Medical Corps UK are the other featured speakers.
See you there?
For details of the next RiF conference, see