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Marketing company faces lay-offs

Howard Lake | 30 May 2008 | News

Reports from the Derry Journal newspaper this week reported that there are fears over the future of around 40 workers at the Anderson Manning Associates call centre in Rosemount, Derry. AMA has a substantial charity business, with a call centre and mailing service.
At this stage there is no suggestion that the charity services part of AMA’s business is in trouble. AMA’s charity clients include Unicef, WorldVision, WSPA, TinyLife, Trocaire, NICHSA, Temple Street and the Irish Deaf Society.
A staff member who contacted the Derry Journal said they were concerned for the future of the centre following the recent collapse of ‘TV Network’, which was a major commercial client.
“We’re sitting around here reading newspapers and magazines with very few calls coming in,” she said. “People here have families and mortgages and we’re not hearing anything from management about the future. We’re very worried. We need to hear something from our head office in Bangor – we haven’t seen anyone from there for days.”