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Dialog Group strengthens group structure

Howard Lake | 6 May 2008 | News

The Dialog Group has strengthened its group structure and is giving more autonomy to its individual companies with management buy-in.
Each company, including NTT Fundraising, Face2Face Fundraising, DialogueDirect Fundraising and Dialog Services will continue to provide ethical and affordable services to the not-for-profit sector. Managing directors have been invited to ‘buy-in’ to their companies, giving them more control of their individual organisations.
The companies will continue to work closely together, to find the most innovative and cost-effective ways of working for their clients.
Chairman of TDGI Andreas Leitner said: “The companies have all done a great job in 2007 and by giving the managers the possibility of a partnership in their organisations we hope to boost motivation and increase productivity and commitment.”
The first company to operate under the new structure will be NTT – the telephone marketing arm . The company’s official title will change to Committed 2 Communications Ltd, but it will continue to trade as NTT Fundraising, giving seamless service to its clients.
Managing director Dave Clark said: “NTT has seen rapid healthy growth in 2006 and 2007, and this move will give us an even stronger base from which to service the charitable partners we are working with.”